In simple terms, a corporate intranet is a unique private computer network which offers access only to authorized individuals working in an organization. A progressive web apps company often uses strong IDs and passwords in corporate intranet to safeguard the company’s interest. Organizations use this facility to deposit global documents, share team updates, and work on cross-department projects. Many reputed MNCs resort to corporate intranet development as it is more convenient and secure than emails or teleconferences. Here are some of the reasons why several reputed organization opt for intranet facilities at their organization.Easy Sharing of Information.
One of the most important uses of the intranet is that it offers improved communication among staff members. These progressive web apps help in idea generation and internal conversations. Many project managers encourage team members to use this forum to share their ideas and problem-solving approaches. Intranet also acts as an outlet for easy sharing of information where employees cannot meet face-to-face to discuss business issues and their take on the matter.In many occasions, a company may have several branches spread over different locations in the same city. The intranet is a better platform to communicate among various departments, including manufacturing, marketing, sales, and quality control than emails. It is because according to a recent study, professionals, in general, check their email about 36 times a day, which is a significant source of distraction during work. On the contrary, if management promotes the exchange of ideas only through the intranet, then there are minimal chances of unnecessary communication.Team Collaboration.Another crucial advantage of using corporate intranet is that it encourages team collaboration. Research has validated that companies which regularly resort to the intranet for communication among employees establish a more oriented and dedicated team. Here work groups share real-time updates regarding an ongoing project across several floors, states, or even countries. When teams collaborate at real-time, there are negligible chances of confusions and misunderstandings.Secured and Reliable Choice. Technologically, corporate intranets by progressive web application development is a more secure and reliable option than emails, teleconferencing, or video calls. Organizations undertake stringent security measures so that messages shared through intranet platform can get accessed and edited only by company employees. Many MNCs employ a separate IT team which specifically look into the security protocols followed by the intranet services. They implement different levels of firewalls and encryptions so that data and communication remain protected beyond the scope of hackers.Build a Transparent Culture.Setting-up intranet facilities for communication help in developing a transparent medium where all employees feel free to voice their issues, opinions, problem-solving measures, and concerns. It is a fact that 87 percent of employees across all mediums prefer to work for ventures where they emphasize transparency in professional proceedings. When management follows an impartial approach while dealing with staff by communicating with them through the intranet, which is visible to all team members, employees enjoy a conducive working environment. It fosters trust among team players, which in-turn gets reflected in the productivity of the company.

These were a few significant reasons which make the use of corporate intranet a welcoming feature.

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