Website will work for your business only if you work for the website. Website of a company needs to be built on latest technologies and should always be kept updated with latest information.

To ensure that you build a website that drives sales, keep the following criteria in mind:

Use Responsive Design

Responsive design provides visitor experience which is consistent as the majority of customers use multiple devices to access sites. Mobile or tablet is used for most of all transactions of e-commerce. Mobile devices are the source of more than half of your website traffic. It can become very annoying, if your customers have a hard time viewing your site on their mobile devices.

If your competitor’s website finds the information you customers need without difficulty, they may even abandon your website. Responsive design improves your SEO and increases sales on your website.
CMS platforms like Drupal or WordPress make designing of responsive site easy. Responsive website design makes your content future proof for various resolutions and sizes of screen.

Content Management System (CMS)

Without needing any technical coding skills, you can easily make updates to your website content with CMS. Basic design changes can be made quickly by dragging and dropping elements using these systems. You have many CMS platforms to choose from. is the most popular and is an open source platform that is free for anyone to use.

You will need to hire a web designing company to help you get your site built on WordPress website design, if you lack the skill set to develop your own website. However, template design will be limited that you choose to work with. Make sure that your design is properly optimized for maximum site speed when considering a CMS platform. For search, site loading speed is extremely important on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. Any CMS you choose, a responsive design is a must-have feature.

Improve your Website’s Search Engine Optimization

You need to improve SEO for your company website so that search engines find your website easily.
SEO will require you to work on the following:

Keywords: Target keywords must be researched and should be competitive for increasing website rank on the Search Engine Result Page. Long tail keywords must be focussed. Keywords should be used in the page title, URL, throughout the page copy, meta description, image file paths, image alt text and anchor text.

Content: You should create content around the targeted keywords which have been identified. Create at least hundred pages for targeting hundred keyword phrases. There should be one page for every keyword.

Page Titles: When someone finds your website, this is the brief extract that shows up in your page tab. It is a summary of the page content and not more than seventy characters in length. On your website, every page should have a unique title.

Meta Descriptions: An HTML tag that is a summary of your webpage in not more than 160 characters.

ALT Tags: Alt tags is a text that is added to an image. Images cannot be interpreted by search engines. Alt tags make it easy for your image, to be found by the search engines.

Add Video Content

You should add video content to your website as consumers love video. Get rid of the product descriptions which are lengthy. Video content which are dynamic should be chosen so that visitors remain on your website, as visual information is processed by our brain faster than text. Your conversion rates increase by eighty-six percent when you add videos on your landing page. Product purchase by customers increases by forty four percent on websites that give informational videos. Sites with videos have shown that customers tend to remain for longer time, and will come back more likely. Conversions are increased by appealing video customer testimonials, product videos, and even tours of your space where you work.

Prevent Downtime

If your website loads slowly, your customers will move on before they get a quick look of your products and content. If a website takes more than 3 seconds to load, fifty-seven percent of visitors will leave the website. Your website should be resilient and meet with the requirement of customers. They will discard their shopping carts, if downtime is experienced.
Prevent downtime and slow loading of your website by improving scalability of your website. This will result in retaining many customers and increase sales.


A favicon appears on the website tab. Favicon is small in size, but has a big impact on your website. It is called a tab icon or bookmark. When there are many tabs, a favicon lets you find your website easily. A favicon lets you improve your brand recognition.

404 Page

404 page error occurs when the webpage cannot be found, when a customer makes a mistake in typing a URL or clicks on a dead or broken link in your website. If a 404 page error occurs, you can send back customers to your homepage by customizing a 404 page.

301 Redirects

When a page has been permanently moved, 301 Redirect should be applied. It informs search engine that the page has moved permanently and results in two of the following things:
a) Redirects users to the new URL.
b) Transfers the website’s credibility to the new URL.

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